JTSMD - The Trailer


Here's the answers to your most popular FAQs...

Q. I'm confused. What is JTSMD?

A. JTSMD is an acronym for Jack Tripper Stole My Dog. Get it, now? JTSMD also perfect for lazy people who don't want to type out the full title.

Q. I'm still confused about the title. What does "Jack Tripper Stole My Dog" mean?

A. Buy the book to find out.

Q. Where can I buy JTSMD?

A. It's available exclusively online at Amazon.com. Click on this link to buy it. JTSMD is a print-on-demand, which means no trees were wasted. The printer/publisher is Create Space, which is owned by Amazon.com.

Q. When will the Kindle version of JTSMD be ready?

A. It's now available! Click here to buy a copy.

Q. How about iPads?

A. If you have a Kindle app for your iPad, then you can download JTSMD by clicking here.

Q. And how about the Nook?

A. I apologize for the delay on the NOOK. There is no set date as of now. Follow @JackTripperBook on Twitter for updates on the Kindle release date.

Q. I live outside of America. Can I buy a copy?

A. JTSMD is available to anyone provided that Amazon will ship to your country of residence.

Q. How do I get a review copy?

A. Shoot me an email. If you're legit, then I'll make sure I get you a copy.

Q. Are you available for interviews?

A. Yes, shoot me an email.

Q. How do I get an autographed copy?

A. Signed copies are not available for sale via Amazon. However, if you send me an email, we can work something out.